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Pacific Vehicle Remarketing, LLC does business as “Pacific Auto Bid”. The terms “Pacific Auto Bid”, “us” or “we” refers to the owners, operators, managers, employees, agents and assignees of the website and its Operator whose registered office is 415 Chalan San Antonio Rd. Suite #104 Tamuning, Guam 96913. The term “you” or “Member” refers to viewers and registered users of our website.  The term “Seller” refers to any individual, corporation or any other entity engaging in Pacific Auto Bid’s service to sell/auction their vehicle or any other asset.  The term “Web-based Bidding/Auction System” refers to the website’s auction software and process used for “Members” to submit a bid. 

Standard Terms:
As a condition precedent to entering into any transaction through this website, youagree to be bound by the following Terms and Conditions. Pacific Auto Bid reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at its sole discretion and at any time without prior notice to you.

These Terms and Conditions affect your legal rights against Pacific Auto Bid. You should read the entire Terms and Conditions carefully. By registering as a Member and/or placing a bid in any Pacific Auto Bidauction, you represent and warrant to Pacific Auto Bidthat you have read and understood the Terms and Conditions in their entirety and that you agree to be bound by them in all respects.

All text, images, and content on this webpage and of this Web-based Bidding/Auction System are protected by U.S. and International copyright laws.

Pacific Auto Bidhas made every attempt to represent itself, its work, its words, and all the content on this Web-based Bidding/Auction System to the best of its ability. There shall be no guarantees or warranties, expressed or implied, statutory or otherwise of any nature whatsoeveror connected in any manner with the use of this Web-based Bidding/Auction System or any related services, events or matters incidental hereby.

This Web-based Bidding/Auction System is intended, but not restricted, for adult use only, and Pacific Auto Bid does not knowingly collect any personally identifiable information from anyone under the age of 18 or not deemed an adult under the law of the jurisdiction from which the individual is accessing this website or Web-based Bidding/Auction System.

Pacific Auto Bid does not intend to gather or collect information from any visitor or surfer of this Web-based Bidding/Auction System. It has not installed any special tracking mechanism, by which it will learn of who visits this site or such details. Any information provided to Pacific Auto Bid is on a voluntary basis only, such as filling out a form to become a Member and submit a bid to Pacific Auto Bidin this Web-based Bidding/Auction System, and is strictly upon the discretion of the Web-based Bidding/Auction System user. If this information is sent to the Pacific Auto Bidit must be noted, that Pacific Auto Bidwill collect, store, record, use, and the like, this information provided by the user for the intended purpose and the implied intended purpose. All information will be handled with much safety, security, and total privacy.

Pacific Auto Bid, its owners, operators, employees, agents and assignspresent the information on this web site as a service to the public and as a marketing medium. Pacific Auto Bidreserves the right to make changes/improvements at any time without notice, and assumes no liability for damages incurred directly or indirectly as a result of errors, omissions or discrepancies. Weshall not beresponsible for the content on any URL’s linked from this Web-based Bidding/Auction System or any third-party resource. No warranties or guaranties whatsoever are expressly or impliedly granted.

All vehicles are sold “AS-IS WHERE-IS” with no expressed or implied warranties and no legal recourse against Pacific Auto Bid, the Seller or any third party. The entire legal risk shall remain at all times with the Buyer or Member.

Vehicle can be inspected and viewed in person during normal business hours. Vehicles can be started but there is no test driving.
Vehicle data displayed on our site may come from various third-party resources. Pacific Auto Bidis not responsible for the accuracy of the vehicle data displayed on any page.
Pacific Auto Biddoes not have an arbitration policy.


You must register in order to submit a bid. All bids must be submitted online through Web-based Bidding/Auction System. Bids cannot be submitted in person.

Bid Rejection: Pacific Auto Bidreserves the right to reject or void bids for any reason, in Pacific Auto Bid’s sole and absolute discretion. Should a dispute arise regarding a bid, Pacific Auto Bidis the exclusive deciding authority with sole and absolute discretion in resolving disputes. Members agree to indemnify, defend, and hold Pacific Auto Bidharmless from any and all liability arising out of decisions made in resolving disputes.

Sale Cancellation: Pacific Auto Bidmay, in its sole and absolute discretion and with or without notice, postpone or cancel a sale or withdraw a vehicle from a sale.  Pacific Auto Bidwill have no liability or obligation to Members as a result of any vehicle withdrawal or sale cancellation or postponement.  Further, Pacific Auto Bidreserves the right to cancel or reverse a sale transaction in the event of fraud, material misrepresentation, or patent defect in the Vehicle Description or bidding information, as determined by Pacific Auto Bidin its sole discretion. In the event a sale is cancelled after the Member has remitted payment, Pacific Auto Bidwill credit the amount of the payment to the Member in the same manner payment was made to Pacific Auto Bid.

Buyers shall pay Pacific Auto Bid the total amount due within the specified time frame. The time frame will be disclosed to Buyer once the Buyer has been informed the Buyer’s bid has been accepted as the winning bid. Under no circumstance will the time frame to submit the payment be less than two (2) business days. Payment shall be made in U.S. dollars by one of the following methods: ACH electronic funds transfer, Wire Transfer, Bank Official/Cashier’s Check, Cash or another financing arrangement acceptable to Pacific Auto Bid. Personal check or Credit Card will not be accepted.
If Buyer fails to submit the payment by the specified time frame, Pacific Auto Bidmay:

  1. Block the Buyer’s account with Pacific Auto Bidwhich will result in loss of future bidding/buying privileges. 
  2. Cancel the sales transaction and request the Seller to approve another bid.
  3. Pursue any other remedy or relief permitted by law, jointly or independently with the options stated above. 


All information on this site is for informational purposes only. No information or materials posted on this site are intended to constitute a legal or binding relationship. The information contained herein, the perusal of it, neither establishes nor constitutes a fiduciary nor business relationship with Pacific Auto Bid. All services, agreements for service, and vendor relationships will be executed via a written contract or letter of mutual understanding.

Pacific Auto Bidmakes no warrants or claims as to the accuracy of content posted on this Web-based Bidding/Auction System.

Sending e-mail does not establish a fiduciary relationship of the sender with Pacific Auto Bidor any of its associates or partners. The sender of the e-mail has no expectation of privacy, privilege, or confidentiality either in the content of any message sent, or the identity of the sender of any message to any mailbox found on this domain. This also applies to any web property under the ownership of Pacific Auto Bid.

Pacific Auto Bidtakes no responsibility for links or content of other sites. Browsing this site or any site of or any Pacific Auto Bidlinked site is at the risk of the user or Web-based Bidding/Auction System visitor.

Third Party Software, Applications, Widgets, and the like:

Wewill not be responsible for the sudden errors, non-function, or mistakes on any third-party resources used on our Web-based Bidding/Auction System. Some examples may include, if an embedded video stops working due to the source's account becoming inactive. Or, if recaptcha does not work due to a code change by the provider. Third party applications and the like are subject to the provider and source's availability and proper functioning.

If you have any further questions regarding this site or policies please contact Pacific Auto Bidvia e-mail at [email protected].