Got Questions? We Have Answers...

  • Q. How much does it cost to bid on a vehicle?
    A. There is no cost to bid on any vehicle accepting bids. You are required to register before bidding. Registration is FREE. The only fees the Buyer has to pay for are the fees charged by the Department of Motor Vehicles for registering the vehicle under the name of the Buyer.
  • Q. Where do the auction vehicles come from?
    A. The vehicles available for auction come from various sources which include Financial Institution Repos, Government Seized Vehicles, Dealer owned vehicles (including trade-ins), Company owned fleet vehicles and Privately owned vehicles (Consignments).
  • Q. Why are some vehicles being auctioned through Silent Auction and some through Live Auction?
    A. Seller have the option of selling auctioning their cars through a Silent Auction or a Live Auction. With a Silent Auction, bidders submit their silent/secret bids online and can’t see what the current bid amount is. With a Live Auction, bidders will be able to see what the current bid amount is and submit a higher bid up until the bid deadline.
  • Q. Can I inspect the vehicles in person before submitting a bid?
    A. Yes! All vehicles can be inspected in person during normal business hours at Pacific Auto Bid’s lot located at [View Location Map]. The exterior and interior of the vehicle can be inspected and you can start the engine. For liability purposes, you’re not allowed to test drive the vehicles.
  • Q. What are the acceptable forms of payment?
    A. Pacific Auto Bid will only be accepting cash, official/cashiers bank check, wire transfer, ACH transfer and loan proceeds checks. Loan proceed checks will need to be verified by the issuing Financial Institution.
  • Q. What if I don’t have the approved forms of payment to bid on the vehicle I want?
    A. If you don’t have the cash/funds to bid on a vehicle, Pacific Auto Bid highly encourages you to visit your financial institution/bank and get “pre-approved” for the amount you want to bid. Don’t forget you’ll also need funds to pay for the Department of Motor Vehicle Registration Fees. Once you get pre- approved, you can bid with confidence knowing you have the funds. If you win a bid and can’t provide the funds within the allowed timeframe (usually three business days) then your account with Pacific Auto Bid may be blocked and you will not be able submit any more bids in the future.
  • Q. I’m interested in selling my vehicle with Pacific Auto Bid. What are the costs?
    A. Please contact Pacific Auto Bid directly at [email protected] and we can provide you more information on the costs associated with selling your vehicle on Pacific Auto Bid’s online marketplace.
  • Q. Why do some vehicles have a minimum bid amount and others don’t?
    A. Having a minimum bid amount is all dependent on the Seller’s terms they’ve requested with Pacific Auto Bid. Some sellers may elect to have a minimum bid amount and others may not.