The Workflow


Pacific Auto Bid collects used vehicle inventory from various sources and consolidates the inventory into one, easy to use, online digital marketplace.


After completing the FREE registration process, interested buyers can submit a bid on a vehicle that is accepting bids. Note: Some vehicles are being auctioned through a Silent Auction and some are being auction through a Live Auction. With a Silent Auction, bidders submit their silent/secret bids online and can’t see what the current bid amount is. With a Live Auction, bidders will be able to see what the current bid amount is and submit a higher bid up until the bid deadline.


After the bid period has ended on a particular vehicle, the selling party is notified of all the bids and the selling party will approve/accept one of the bids.


Once the bid has been approved/accepted by the seller, the winning buyer will be notified and will be required to remit the certified funds directly to Pacific Auto Bid (usually within 3 business days). Proof of insurance may be required.


After the certified funds has been received, Pacific Auto Bid may be required to transfer the title of the vehicle to the Buyers name. The Buyer is responsible for all registration fees charged by Guam’s Department of Motor Vehicle.


After the certified funds have been received by Pacific Auto Bid and the Buyer and the Seller have signed all the applicable paperwork, the Buyer will be given the keys to the car and the Seller will be given a check for their car